“High Pressure Cleaning.  No Pressure Service."

Lafayette Power Wash Plus is leading the competition in clean driveways, siding, decks, and more!  Contact us today to recieve a free, no obligation - and no pressure -  quote to make your driveway look brand new!  We also offer driveway sealing and commercial concrete cleaning!

We are a family owned and operated business!

Lafayette Power Wash Plus guarantees all of our work!

Our Process

All of our cleanings start similarly. We start off with a low pressure, cold water rinse of our target area. Next, we fire up our propane burner - heating the water up to 200 degrees! This helps fight off the dirt, mud, moss, grime, and other eye-sores on your concrete or siding. After passing over with just the hot water, we add our 100% environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals to the water. This is very important to get the deepest, dirtiest parts of your area clean. For our horizontal jobs, we do all of this with our 15 inch surface cleaner to ensure an even and consistent spray. Those pesky streaks from home power washers are a thing of the past with our top of the line equipment! After we put chemicals down, we rinse again. Before we move on, we ensure that all dirt and debris is gone - not just on the surface, but in all of the cracks. This ensures that the next time it rains, there will be no dirt that streams onto the surface and dries on your freshly cleaned surface!

Get a quote today, and see how 3,500 PSI of hot water can turn back the time of your driveway, siding, or other areas!  It will look as good as the day it was installed!